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Established in 2009, Cosuda began with the goal and focus to bring new technologies to the Australian market through competitive and well established lines of distribution and sales. Cosuda is an importer and distributor of medical devices in Australia with personnel all around Australia. Cosuda is well established as of 2017 in all major cities with particular focus on the eastern seaboard where most of Australia's population and surgeries still occur.
Cosuda Background & Growth

Cosuda began sales in 2010 with the Peak Plasma Blade, Doxpal retractor and more recently the Beeline infusion pump. The Peak Plasma Blade highlighted the excellent relationships that Cosuda has established over the years with surgical professionals. The product was a highly technical product and expensive in the hospital system. With excellent results and rapport, Cosuda was able to establish this product in the Australian marketplace before the company (Peak Surgical) was acquired by Medtronic in 2011. Turnover was 2000 units for the 2 years Cosuda represented this product, we exceeded our sales goals by over 130% in each year. Since 2011, with successful rebate of the Beeline infusion pump, Cosuda has been able to quickly grow this pain management product to establish itself in the market as the now no.2 pain management product for disposable infusion device. With a current growth of 250% p.a, Cosuda has continued to grow positively since 2010 and recorded 3 successive profitable financial years whilst maintaining a tight control on fiscal policies. As a national distribution company, Cosuda will continue to see high growth rates through innovative products, increased sales, while pursuing better patient outcomes.

Jeremy Suggett
Founder & Director

Cosuda Distribution Locations

Jeremy Suggett has over 15 years experience in the Australian medical device industry, with proven sales results and, consequently established Cosuda in 2009. He has a strong passion for the industry and experience in Orthopaedic, Neuro, Urology, Anaesthetic, General, Plastic, Obstetric and Gyneacology. Constantly seeking new technologies and efficient methods for both patient outcomes and cost effective methods. Contact Jeremy to discuss your needs or to arrange an appointment with him.



We have distribution offices located around Australia to ensure our clients have easy access to the devices they require instantly. Simply click on the state you are located in to contact your local distributor.


"The greatest thing about our industry is that we are constantly being offered new and innovative products. Our main focus at Cosuda is to actively educate ourselves on these products and be ready to capture the new technology for our clients as soon as it becomes available".

Jeremy Suggett

Founder & Director

Cosuda Medical Devices
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