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Cosuda has and will maintain its goal of only carrying 4-6 Products at any time. The reason for this being the ability to focus on these products and gain maximal market share. After years of experience with other companies, it has been observed that carrying an abundance of products does not allow for this extensive focus. Currently Cosuda has 3 Products that we represent and are very keen to expand this range now with 8 successful years and penetration in the market place. As a leading importer and distributor of medical devices in Australia, below are some of the products we offer...
Beeline Pain Management Pump
Doxpal Single Use Retractor


Beeline's unique design is easy for the clinician to fill, followed by uncomplicated continuous infusion for higher patient satisfaction and improved outcomes. The Beeline is ideal for the flexible delivery requirements of chemotherapy, antibiotics, and pain management therapies. More info?



The Doxpal is a self-retaining, disposable retractor and is an easily handled cost effective tool for successful surgery. Doxpal is suitable for a wide range of procedures and is functional for larger surgery when used in pairs. Doxpal is radiolucent and functional without any support. This product is easily repositioned and comes in four different sizes for optimal results. More Info?

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With a strong focus on market research and medical instrument innovation, here at Cosuda we are always on the look out for the latest and most advanced medical instruments in the market. Additional products will be coming soon, so please stay tuned to our site!

What do Surgeons think about Doxpal?

"It´s a simple and easy to use device that should have been around 20 years ago. The Doxpal is just brilliant."

Dr. David Dickison MBBS (UNSW)(Hons), FRACS, FAOrthA,

Knee & Athroscopic Surgeon Australia


"Since the first time i used Doxpal i have a hard time not using them, they just make my surgeries so much easier."

Dr. Jûrgen Saliz, Switzerland


"They are so easy to use, i don´t have to worry about them falling out and Doxpal actually saves me time in surgery"

Dr. Adam Johnsson, England


"The most important thing for me is the safety of my patients, with Doxpal i eliminate the risk of multi-resitant bacteria"

Dr. Olof Risto, Sweden



Cosuda Medical Devices
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